Let Your Astrological Sign Choose Your Next Vacation For You

Let Astrology Choose Your Next Vacation

If you're a dedicated follower of your astrological sign, you probably read your horoscope daily to get some inkling of how your day will turn out. But if you really believe in your sign and want to take astrology to a whole other level, why not use your sign to plan your next vacation?

Traveling based on your astrological sign is a way to leave your planning to the charts. We created our very own version of an astrological travel guide earlier this year, but now our friends at Co-Operative Travel put some additional thought into our signs.

Astrology isn't for everyone, but for those of us who are say, Sagittarii, we know that we're bold, so Reykjavík, Iceland actually does make pretty perfect sense for our next vacation.

So check out the infographic below, and trust us -- you'll be pretty surprised at how accurate the predictions are!

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