Astrology Dining: How To Pick A Restaurant For Every Sign

If someone tells you they're going to pick a restaurant using the stars, you might roll your eyes, but you probably have a good idea of what they mean. They're choosing a restaurant that has been rated highly by a Michelin Guide, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times or some other publication that uses the classic rating system. But that's not all it could mean. In certain circles of believers, actual stars, the ones in the sky, could have a part to play in choosing the perfect restaurant -- via astrology.

At first it sounds far-fetched: how could the cosmos determine whether you prefer Ruth's Chris Steakhouse or Joe's Stone Crab?

But natal chart astrology is all about predicting personalities. It aims to interpret how stars and planets are influencing a person as they are born. And restaurants are all about appealing to people. They use not just food, but things like interior decorating, location and service style to create a certain effect, which may or may not resonate with any given person.

Of course, many people don't believe that astrology is "real." And many diehard astrologers would be quick to point out that a person's astrological profile is a lot richer than just a sun sign, which is determined solely by your date of birth. Things like culture, dietary restrictions, upbringing, and just plain subjectivity, can also derail astrological predictions of food preferences.

For all these reasons, noted astrologer Michael Lutin, when asked whether astrology could predict restaurant preferences, was quick to say, "Even Scorpios can be vegetarian, and not all Tauruses OD on cream."

That's all to say that if you pick a restaurant just because it meshes with your astrological dining preferences, you might get burned. Sometimes a bad restaurant is just a bad restaurant -- in which case the fault, dear reader, is not in our stars, but on our plates.

Still, we at HuffPost Food were eager to find out what the stars might be able to tell us about what restaurants we -- and our loved ones -- like. The fact that Valentine's Day is right around the corner didn't hurt; after all, one of the few facts you can't fudge on your OKCupid profile is your astrological sign.

So we called up the divine Susan Miller, the famous astrologer behind AstrologyZone and the horoscopes in Elle magazine (among many other projects), and asked her to guide us through the muddy waters of astrological restaurant preferences. Click through below to find out what we learned. And be sure to vote on the accuracy of each pick, and voice your agreement (or critiques) in the comments.

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