Astrology: The Romney-Ryan Ticket - Winners or Losers?

In serious astrology, we interpret the relative position of the planets in the sky to the astrological charts of Obama and Romney, in order to forecast their behavior and who will win this presidential election.
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Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaign buttons are displayed ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaign buttons are displayed ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

In this 2-part series, we will focus on the "presidential tickets" of each party and tell you, from an "astrological" perspective more about who the candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, "really are" and which "ticket" will win in November. With the Republican Convention this week, today we discuss the Romney-Ryan presidential ticket and their prospects for winning. Next week, we'll discuss the Democratic presidential ticket, and tell you who is going to win and why!

The planetary cycles in the sky are ominous. Their influence has created a "polarization" in the electorate. Many voters are crying for violent change and the destruction of, once secure government structures such as the Federal Reserve, Medicare and Social Security. These same voters are demanding radical cuts in federal spending as well as huge deficit reduction. They tend to support Romney, and can't imagine another four years of an Obama presidency.

Ironically, in the 1960s it was the Democrats who wanted this radical change during the Civil Rights-Vietnam era. This election will get meaner, uglier and turn into a fierce "dog-fight" that will be close, surprising and very upsetting. The presidential debates will be a 21st century version of the "Christians vs. the Lions"! This will be the 2012 version of "Gunfight at the OK Corral." This column will tell you "who wins that fight."

In serious astrology, we interpret the relative position of the planets in the sky to the astrological charts of Obama and Romney, in order to forecast their behavior and who will win this presidential election (just as we, accurately, did in forecasting that Obama would beat McCain in 2008).

With that in mind, since all politicians "mask" who they really are -- let's focus on what astrology can tell us about the personality and leadership style of Mitt Romney. He can be described in the following ways:


Vision. He is ambitious and an optimist by nature who has confidence in himself and his abilities. He is a big picture person who has a large vision of how to achieve success and will work hard to pursue his goals. He sincerely wants to do something for the good the people of the United States.

Intelligence. He is a very spiritual and intelligent man with a sharp mind, able to stand up for himself and present his arguments in a clear manner. He works well in groups and is able to win the cooperation of others.

Technology. As president, his astrology says that he would build and develop technology and create innovative programs to reduce unemployment in the United States.

Controlled. He operates best in a controlled atmosphere where he is sure of the crowd and not facing confrontation or potential disruptions. Unfriendly or aggressive arguments unnerve him and disturb him very deeply (e.g. like the heckler who got him to say: "Corporations are people, my friend!").

Flexible. He is very flexible, which gives him the ability to change his mind and shift his position to suit whatever seems most appropriate at the time. This has helped him get the nomination. We will see how well it works in winning the presidency.


Reactive. However, his mental approach is likely to be more reflective and reactive then, initiating and assertive. He tends to project a lack of assuredness, so he gives the impression of someone on edge, filled with nervous tension and anxiety.

Deception. He often lacks common sense and his behavior is of someone who is often not grounded in reality, often feeling his way through life. He has the personality of someone who can easily be influenced by strong and persuasive advisors. Because of his own gullibility and self-deception, he is vulnerable to the misguided advice of his staff.

Non-Aggressive. In fact, his debating style is not aggressive or likely to stand up well against a consummate debater like Obama. He has great potential to "misspeak" or make off-the-cuff remarks that work to his disadvantage (e.g To Rick Perry: "You want to bet $10,000?").

Insincere. His astrology chart shows his lack of authenticity, which is why he projects insincerity and no genuine passion in his speeches. This is why it difficult for him to excite audiences like Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton or Obama did in the past.


Secret. His Secret: Underneath the smiling facade of a man, who appears gentle, generous and tolerant is man who may have a secretive, controlling, personality who wants to know everything that is going on around him. He could possibly be capable of being cruel and ruthless and very comfortable with being deceptive and not telling the truth.

Deceptive. His personality is ungrounded in reality. Because he is so comfortable with self-deception, he finds it easy to disconnect himself (and, be totally unbothered) by his "historic record," of flip-flopping on issue and after issue.

Fatal Flaw. A fatal flaw in his astrology chart is that he is someone so driven to achieve his ambition for success and power that he may break any rules in order to accomplish his goals. Therefore, his unique astrology exposes him to the likelihood that during this presidential campaign, actions from his past could be exposed, causing harmful damage to his reputation. If he is not exposed before November 6th, he may be soon after that date.


· He leaves the convention on August 30th in great shape filled with enthusiasm and support.

· In mid-September through October, he has periods that favor his personality and ability to inspire his base. He will begin to enjoy a climb in popularity. Then, something disturbing occurs, during that same time: unexpected information comes out about him and some of his past associations that are not flattering.

· Both on the campaign stump and during the October debates, he makes some major "verbal gaffes" that get him into trouble and contradict his message. This results in upsetting his base and turning off "independent" voters.

· From mid-October until the November 6th election day, he begins to encounter upsets, frustrations and challenges. His chart shows the same planetary influences that brought him, upset, frustration and loss when he battled John McCain.


1. His personal astrology shows the potential to "turn around" his presidential campaign by suggesting that he can breath new life into the country's failing economy and failed "Obama" policies, just as he did at Bain Capital, when he turned around the "failed companies he bought, re-structured and resurrected to new prosperity, once again!"

2. His message of moving the country forward and solving the unemployment mess resonates with the electorate.

3. The positive side of his personality of being a man of faith, idealism, vision, commitment and perseverance to bring America back to greatness will garner huge support, especially among the older, more conservative elements of the party.


The astrological events of September through November 6th suggest:

1. He has not sufficiently inspired the base of his party, because of their fears that he cannot be trusted and, may "flip-flop" from the current conservative positions he's taken.

2. Unexpected and damaging news of his past along with "verbal gaffes," do him in.

3. His bad judgment of picking Paul Ryan hurts him in two ways: (a) Ryan is the "poster boy" for the Congress that doesn't work; (b) The controversy of Ryan's Medicare plan moves the focus away from Romney's strength: "employment" expertise to the weakness: Putting fear in the hearts and minds of every person on "Medicare."

4. His astrology chart shows "karma" is not on his side; payback for his "profiteering" days at Bain Capital.

Next week: In part II, we'll discuss the Obama-Biden ticket and their prospects for winning. And, I will give you my prediction of who will win the presidency in November.

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