Astrology: The Obama-Biden Ticket - Winners or Losers

Today we put Barack Obama through an astrological X-ray machine to see what is underneath his facade, and whether or not he will beat Mitt Romney in the presidential election.
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In this two-part article series, we examine the real personality of each party's "presidential nominee," from an "astrological" perspective. Last week, we looked under Mitt Romney's "kimono" to see who he really is. Today we put Barack Obama through an astrological X-ray machine to see what is underneath his facade, and whether or not he will beat Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

This 2012 election is between two radically different presidential candidates. "Your" candidate represents: what is right, hope for the future, and prosperity for everyone. The "other" candidate (who you despise) represents: all that is evil and misguided, a future of despair, and the road to depression. Such is the polarization of the 2012 presidential election.

Serious astrology interprets the relative position of the planets in the sky to the astrological charts of Obama and Romney in order to forecast their "true" behavior and who will win in November. Note: This same process was used to accurately predict Obama's victory over McCain in 2008.

Here is my astrological analysis of Barack Obama:

The Good

Likable. He is an unselfish man who thinks of others before he thinks of himself. He's kind, likable and sympathetic but projects "coolness" in his demeanor.

Humanitarian. He is a humanitarian and a very socially aware man, committed to the "social" agenda of making society work for all people, not just the privileged. His astrology is that of a very socially conscious person who believes that everyone should "pay their fair share."

Charismatic Speaker. His Leo nature causes him to enjoy being the center of attention. He has a lot of pride, is competitive, and wants to be the best he can be. Obama enjoys being at the top and believes that is where he belongs. He is a skilled, confident, charismatic speaker who knows how to put on a show. He sees the bigger picture and is able to communicate in a serious and compelling manner when he believes he is right.

Ambition. Obama has a steady, controlled ambition he uses to accomplish his goals. He's very detail-minded in his day-to-day work and able to comprehend the significance of even the smallest problems.

Health Orientation. He's very health-conscious, which is why he keeps fit and stays so active. (He clearly plays the best basketball of any president in history.) It is also why he has a strong commitment to his vision and priority of overhauling the U.S. health care system.

The Bad

Temper. Obama has a stern temper and carries a grudge. Anyone who crosses him will find that he is a tough opponent who will show little mercy when he wants to get you. (e.g. Ordering the "kill" on Osama bin Laden)

Indecisive. He has a "balanced" but sometimes overly indecisive approach to problem-solving. This holds him back from more aggressively standing up for his true beliefs and engaging in a fight. Rather than pursue a more "bold" agenda, he is likely to be more practical and choose the safer option. He lacks an executive leadership style of making "well-timed" decisions to produce better results.

Slick. He is a control freak and will be careful about any message he projects. He can be "slick" and he knows it.

The Ugly

Radical. His chart shows a tendency to be "radical" in his thinking and social agenda, which can be worrisome for those who wonder about what his "real motivations" are.

Confusion. Part of the problem is that he is often confused and subject to self-deception. He is also likely to be mislead by advisors who give him bad counsel.

Socialistic. He projects a lack of understanding and confusion, along with mistaken ideas of how capitalism fits into his ambitious "socialistic" agenda.

Romney-Obama: Head-to-Head in the Debates

  • Expect the presidential race to make a decisive shift as the televised debates begin in October. These debates will be every bit as exciting as the famous Ali-Frazier boxing fights! Obama will score points and induce Romney to make some major "verbal gaffes" that get him into trouble, contradict his message and ultimately upset conservative and independent voters.

  • They will both clash on the debate stage with each candidate throwing mean "verbal" punches at the other. Expect fireworks, even dirty tactics, and a huge battle between the two of them for "control" of the debate.
  • Their personalities and agendas are at "cross purposes" and polarizing. Obama will embody the expansive, hopeful and liberal point-of-view. Romney will project the fear that four more years of Obama policies will destroy the country.
  • Romney's Election Astrology

    1. Romney's astrology from mid-October until well after the election is filled with upset and misfortune. It suggests that something goes radically wrong in October, which may be linked to unexpected and unflattering new information about him, along with his upsetting performances at the debates.

  • The planetary alignments in his astrology chart are similar to those that were occurring when he experienced his upsetting loss to John McCain in their 2008 primary battle.
  • Unfortunately, Paul Ryan's personal astrology is also extremely negative on November 6. He may actually help assure that Romney loses the election.
  • The influence of the planets Saturn and Neptune in Romney's chart indicate "crisis," limitations, and disappointments during his campaign. He will encounter a whole host of problems throughout his campaign that will turn off independents and discourage the evangelicals from turning out on election day.
  • Ironically, Romney's astrology suggests that he and his supporters will be overconfident. They will overestimate both his popularity and strength, and the anticipated voter turnout they expect.
  • Obama's Election Astrology

    1. In October, with Obama's momentum building, he will gain wider public support and even more financial backing. His upbeat message will be well received. This is not to say that there won't be rumblings about him (e.g., accusations of wrongdoing, rumors of alleged improprieties, or, suggestions of health problems from his smoking). He will overcome each of them to the public's satisfaction.

  • Astrologically, as Obama nears the November elections, he has the same fortunate planetary luck, which was in effect when he won the Iowa caucus, Nobel Peace Prize, and the 2008 election. It is a key indicator that he will win the 2012 presidential election. Joe Biden's astrology is also favorable and will be helpfully as well.
  • Obama's astrology is not only very fortunate on Nov. 6, it is even luckier on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, 2013. This is suggestive of a man preparing to be sworn into high office, staying in his current residence, putting together his new Cabinet and preparing for the responsibilities of a second term.
  • The favorable position of the planet Saturn in Obama's chart is another strong indicator of his achieving success as the winner.
  • Pluto is a planet whose influence empowers a candidate to carry out the "will of the masses." Historically, the planet Pluto has been a major factor in forecasting the winner for presidential elections. Examples of presidents with favorable Pluto aspects were Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan. Interestingly, George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush both won when Pluto was in its most favorable aspect to Pluto. Barack Obama has this same "Pluto" aspect in his horoscope on election day.
  • Winner: It is my belief that Barack Obama will win his re-election bid against Mitt Romney.

    But wait: The story of this presidential election is not over because Mercury will be retrograde on election day, Nov. 6. This will likely result in a "contested" election, with major upsets and surprises. In future columns we will discuss the "shock" of the next presidential election and how it will end.

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