It's Time to Use Astrology for Your Decision-Making!

Astrology offers opportunities to those who are interested in defying convention and making practical use of information that some of our most skilled leaders have used for centuries.
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"Are we heading toward another Depression?"

"Can I use astrology in a practical way to make important decisions?"

"Can astrology explain why my I'm no longer satisfied with my career?

"Could astrology have warned me about the 2008 stock market crash?"

"Can the astrology of the candidates indicate who will win the 2012 presidential election?"

Yes... yes... yes... yes... and, yes! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Larry Schwimmer, astrologer, Fortune 500 businessman and author. I am a unique astrologer who has one foot in the "bottom-line business world," so I can show you how astrology can help you reach your goals and make you money. The other foot is in the spiritual, metaphysical world where I can show you how astrology can make you more fulfilled by understanding yourself, your relationships, the economy, politics and the world.

I am a "new voice" in the old world of astrology. For many of you, your only experience of astrology may have been reading about your "sign" in the horoscope section of the daily newspaper to see if you were going to meet Prince Charming, win the lottery, or have an argument with your boss that day.

The type of astrology I practice is designed to offer you much more accurate, in-depth, and valuable information to solve problems in all areas of your life: your home, work, investments, love life, or even with your children. It is a new type of astrology that will provide you with a clear understanding of what is "really going on" in the behavior and actions of people, the economy, politics, our society, and the world.

I will give you practical insights, forecasts and even predictions of future events. You can use this information to make successful decisions, whether they be the best time to find a mate, get married (or divorced), find a job (or quit one), invest, or even to buy a home!

We live in a complex world of problems and challenges. We have an economy that is stalling, unemployment problems, debt issues, a health care debate, and a president and Congress that are fighting with each other. On top of that, we still have to manage our lives, career, finances and our personal relationships. Finding solutions to the problems that come up in those areas can be overwhelming!

No longer can old conventional wisdom and traditional sources of information be relied upon to give us all the answers to our problems. It is Astrology that can offer insights and solutions that you'll find nowhere else.

We live in uncertain times where knowledge is power and those "in-the-know" benefit greatly. Right now, there are some major planetary events happening in 2012-2015 that indicate economic upheavals and that the revolutionary radicalism that occurred in the 1960s are coming (e.g., Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party). However, my astrological interpretation suggests that in the midst of it all, there will be great opportunity for change and innovation that will transform our lives, our government and our society for the better.

So, now is the perfect time to look for answers -- but not in the usual places. We live in times that demand that you have some edge and assistance. Over the centuries, kings, popes, and historical figures from Benjamin Franklin to President Reagan have consulted with astrologers. They trusted that astrology could provide valuable information about the future, insightful analysis of the past and, wise counsel they could depend on as being accurate. In fact, J.P. Morgan once said, "Millionaires don't use astrologers, but billionaires do!"

Astrology offers opportunities to those who are interested in defying convention and making practical use of information that some of our most skilled leaders have used for centuries.

Over time I'm looking forward to delving into such astrological topics as:

  • Your Life Path: Are you in your 20s, 40s, 60s, and trying to make sense out of the personal changes and even the emotional crisis you are experiencing? I will explain the planetary influences that may be affecting you and how they are teaching you an important lesson that will make you happier.

  • Your Children: I'll show you how you can use astrology to recognize and nurture your child's talents in a way that will positively motivate them to reach their potential.
  • Economy: What are the planetary cycles saying? Will history repeat itself? From an astrological perspective, what changes should we make to avoid a repeat of the depressive 1930s? What are the events and dates to watch out for?
  • Stock Market Are we headed for a stock market crash -- worse than the fall of 2008 or the 1930s? We will examine the planetary influences on current economic events, and look at how you can prepare yourself and the best investments to make to protect your net worth.
  • Presidential Election of 2012: We will look at the astrological charts of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and discuss their personalities: the good, the bad and the ugly. I will give you my forecast for who will be our next president, and the strange outcome that no one is prepared for.
  • Mass Protests: We will discuss the planetary cycles that are bringing back the radical groups and protests of the 60s, and how they will bring a revolution of positive change in our society.
  • World Events: Which are the major world events to look for? We will discuss what is behind the revolutions and political change that have ousted world leaders in countries like France, Iraq, Egypt and Libya (i.e., Sarkozy, Hussein, Mubarak, and Gaddifi). What will happen to the European economic community? Will another war break out?
  • As the weeks go on, I'll give you practical information you can apply in your life and your relationships. I will also provide you with the knowledge of future events and the specific dates that will occur. This will help you prosper economically and better understand what is happening in the world -- in a way that makes you a happier, more informed and fulfilled person, and citizen, too. Til next time...

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