Astronauts Take Mannequin Challenge To New Heights In International Space Station

“The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don’t you think?” one of the crew noted.

It’s hard to look frozen when you’re floating, weightless in space. But the crew aboard the International Space Station somehow managed to do it — and in spectacular style.

European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet tweeted a video Thursday of himself and four colleagues doing the mannequin challenge, one-upping everyone on the planet who’d ever attempted the viral craze in the process.

Some clearly are hooking a foot or hand over some solid support to help them remain motionless as the cameraman floats by in the French astronaut’s video, above. Bizarrely, a crewmember holding a camera is also part of the outer-space “tableau.”

“We got the whole crew together and took the #MannequinChallenge to new heights,” crowed Pesquet on Twitter in English and French. “The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don’t you think?” he wrote on Facebook.

Pesquet said the crew had their “bit of fun in microgravity” on their day off Sunday. They certainly deserve a bit of fun. They’re on a six-month mission in the station.

A viewer embellished a second video with the mannequin challenge theme song, Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles.” “You don’t have Premiere Pro in space?” the Twitter user quipped in French.

The sky-high stunt left everyone in the Twitterverse agog.

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