Astros Laughably Warn That Taylor Swift Concert Might Be Moved For A Playoff Game

Don't Worry, TSwift Fans! The Houston Concert Probably Won't Be Rescheduled

If a baseball team is going to be optimistic, it might as well swing for the fences.

The Houston Astros, which had a 70-92 record last season, alerted fans Wednesday that Taylor Swift will perform at Minute Maid Park Oct. 13, 2015.

However, the team said the concert might be rescheduled if the Astros have a home playoff game that day.

Twitter did not share the team's confidence. Responses ranged from "LOL" to "It's nice to have dreams."

At least the team improved on its record in 2014. Before that, the Astros had lost more than 100 games three straight seasons. They haven't had a playoff game since 2005.

We have a feeling Swift will "Shake It Off" in Houston as scheduled.

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