At Grinnell, Eggnog Is The New Four Loko

This past Monday, Nov. 8, at 9 p.m., Jake "Stony" McVeigh '11 participated in the 2010 Eggnog Challenge at Entropy House. McVeigh tried, and ultimately failed, to drink one gallon of eggnog in an hour.

McVeigh's challenge calls to mind a similar attempted feat last year, in which he managed to drink exactly half a gallon of eggnog before vomiting up the entire contents of his stomach. Johnny Buse '11, McVeigh's housemate and hype man, explained the origins of the event: "Our first year, Stony told me he could drink a gallon of eggnog. I told him he was full of [expletive deleted] and bet 15 dollars on it. Two years later, I got my money back."

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