This Is You At Home Alone Versus You At Home With Other People

Home alone = no pants.

Being the only one in your home is a completely freeing experience. Perhaps too freeing. And sometimes we forget just how liberating it is until we have friends over and have to act all "respectable" and "dignified."

BuzzFeed brings you a video comparison of how you act at home when you're by yourself versus how you act when people are over. Hint: Being alone isn't as pretty.



  • Okay, a few things. 1) No. 2) What? 3) No.
  • Make sure you don't have anything on your face. Like a park bench.
  • You're close, but not quite there.
  • There's a way you can do this and exert less energy in the process.
  • You've got a kid in the way. Get that kid out of the picture and you'll be kissing in no time.
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  • Listen, you both have a car. And it's raining out. You should be able to figure this out.
    Anthony Marsland via Getty Images
  • It's like you went straight from eating a sub sandwich to kissing without changing your face.
  • Always make sure Gravity is set to "Yes."
  • Let's hope those beards smell nice.
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  • With a few more tries, you'll figure this whole three-dimensional space thing out.
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  • If you can't even hit the target on a wax figure, then...