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12 Couples Who Know That The Best Wedding Venue Is Home Sweet Home

"We added yet another happy memory to a place already full of them." 🏡💞

It’s true what they say: Home is where the heart is.

For couples who want a wedding with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, an at-home celebration is a perfect fit ― whether it’s their backyard, their parents’ house or one belonging to another family member or dear friend.

Below, meet 12 lovely couples who made a house a home when they got married there.

"The best thing about getting married at home would be the fact that we now have such incredible memories shared with our family and friends within our house. It was also a comforting feeling to know that at the end of the night our bed was just a few feet away." -- Dani Penic
"There was literally no other place we considered getting married besides our own backyard! We had just built our house and spent the year before painstakingly remodeling. Once the house was completed, we both knew the best way to start our news lives together would be to say our vows to each other on the steps of the home we'd built together in front of our friends and family. It was a perfect beginning!" -- Summer Simmons
“We had our first kiss playing spin the bottle at my parents’ house on Pine Street, and Mount Prospect, Illinois is where we grew up together. My block had always thrown block parties for other events. It just seemed so much more meaningful to be home for our big day than anywhere else.” -- Susie Osei
"We added yet another happy memory to a place already full of them. I love being reminded of our wedding every time we visit my parents now. That and maybe our wedding party dragging us into the pool as the last song played." -- Jonathan Aakre
"We wanted to have it at home because it's the house my grandfather built and where both my mother and I grew up. We wanted it to be an intimate affair with only our closest relations and friends who have been involved in our lives, sharing this special day with us." -- Aru de Silva
"We had spent almost our entire relationship living together in the apartment we ended up getting married in. Throughout our eight years together, the space evolved just as much as we did individually and as a couple. We are avid collectors, so by the time we decided to tie the knot, there was no better space that was a perfect physical representation of who we are and where we had been along the way." -- Kristen Romaniszak
"After the wedding, my mom left remnants of it around: a sign out in front that reads 'we're so glad you're here!', some ribbons hanging in the trees, strings of lights, and art installations my friends made. Some of the magic of the day hasn't faded since there are these little reminders of how beautiful all the details were. It also shows just how much my mom loved hosting it!" -- Mallory Nezam
"Both of us had already been previously married and had the big, expensive weddings in the past. We both hated the thought of spending so much money again and, instead, chose to have a more intimate experience with some homemade touches and save the money for the honeymoon." -- Lisa Papotto
“We chose to start our marriage off in the most natural way possible: by hosting our wedding at our home. We love our lives here, and we feel like that is something worth celebrating, just as much as our legal union.” -- Whitney Leigh Morris
"Getting married on my parents' acreage has always been a dream. My husband and I were high school sweethearts, we grew up and fell in love spending time there." -- Madison Lavelle
"My husband and I wanted to have a very practical wedding and not spend a ludicrous amount of money on one day. We decided to focus on a down payment on a house rather than an extravagant wedding." -- Krystle Simms
"We got married at home because we wanted an informal, relaxed, friendly and open wedding. We bought our property two years earlier (actually to the day of the wedding) and the place has been a labor of love for us. We wanted everyone to come and enjoy the surroundings and have fun." -- Jan Baird
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