At iACT, We Stand With You

At iACT We Stand With You
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In 2017, there are many dark clouds on the horizon. We choose to be positive and proactive in promoting peace, compassion, and empathy—adding to the beauty that shines through people. At iACT, we believe in creating a new culture of participation. Each one of us shares in the responsibility—and privilege—of taking care of each other. Everyone is welcomed. “Everyone” includes immigrants and refugees. They deserve protection and to live a life of dignity. They deserve the opportunity to shape their own future. We believe in standing with those that are oppressed, underrepresented, abandoned, and ignored. There will be challenges and obstacles in the months and years to come. We see those obstacles as opportunities to be creative and to find better ways forward. We have ambitious goals. You're invited to be a part of the meaningful change we know we’ll be a part of.

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