At Least One Trump Is Amused By His 'Saturday Night Live' Impersonator

Donald Trump Jr. also offered to appear on the show.

Perhaps in an attempt to show that his father doesn’t tell him what to do anymore, Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram this week with a calm and good-natured note for “Saturday Night Live.” He even offered to show up for a guest spot.

The show had included a parody of the 39-year-old son of President Donald Trump and his 33-year-old brother, Eric, as part of its “Weekend Update” segment. The president came under fire before taking office for his plan to place his two adult sons in charge of the multibillion-dollar Trump Organization, prompting ethics concerns.

While Eric was portrayed by Alex Moffatt as a man-child incapable of sticking to the family’s line about President Trump’s involvement in his businesses, his brother Don came off as a smooth-talking, if skeevy, businessman played by Mikey Day. 

In response, the real Donald Trump Jr. posted an image of himself with one hand in a bag of Cheerios, mimicking a moment in the sketch where Day hands Moffatt the snack and a juice box so he doesn’t get “cranky.” 

“Dear [Saturday Night Live] I stole somebody’s snack today (hint it may be Eric). Don’t tell him,” he wrote, adding, “if you ever need a Don Jr fill in I’m available and I do a much better job with the hair than Mikey [Day].”

President Trump, of course, is well known for his bitterly angry responses to past “SNL” parody sketches via Twitter. He’s been portrayed to the delight of viewers ― ratings recently hit a six-year high ― by Alec Baldwin since October. Unfortunately, Baldwin stated this week that his Trump-imitating days may soon be over due to the new administration’s “maliciousness.”

Maybe “SNL” fan Don Jr. can convince him otherwise.

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