Ataturk Airport Surveillance Video Captures The Terrifying Moment Of An Explosion

Scores of travelers tried to run seconds before one of the blasts.

Surveillance cameras at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport captured the terrifying moment explosions ripped through the terminal Tuesday night, killing and injuring dozens.

In this video posted to Twitter, scores of travelers can be seen running, seconds before one of the blasts goes off:

Another video shows a large explosion from a different part of the airport:

Panicked passengers are seen running in this video captured inside the airport, not from a surveillance camera:

Other video from surveillance cameras shows travelers racing out of the airport as a man who appears to be holding a firearm runs by:

Three suicide bombers detonated explosives at the airport late Tuesday, authorities said. Police shot at the attackers outside the security gate of the international terminal, a senior Turkish official told The WorldPost. 

Ataturk, Turkey’s largest airport, is the main international airport serving Istanbul. All flights were suspended following the attack, local media reported, and Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature for the surrounding area.

The attack escalates an already tense period in Turkey, which has faced other terror attacks in recent months.