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Athena vs. The LP: John Scalzi's Daughter Holds A Record For The First Time (VIDEO)

No, Athena, you can't put a record into a CD player.

Watch with delight as 13-year-old Athena Scalzi, daughter of writer (and former AOL employee) John Scalzi, sees and holds a record for the first time.

"This is huge," she says in disbelief when her dad first hands her the Jonathan Coulton LP. "This is like 10 CDs in one. How many songs does it have on it?"

Scalzi proceeds to explain to his daughter how a record works: 10-15 songs, you put a needle on it, etc.

But in the end, she has no idea what to do with what Scalzi told HuffPost was the first LP he's owned in 20 years.

Some commenters on YouTube and his own site have called the video fake, writing that Athena's questions seem staged and that because she's holding the record properly by the edges, it seems like she's held a record before.

To that, the elder Scalzi has reiterated that this "is the first LP that Athena's ever handled" and said that she's held CDs and DVDs before, so that's why she's handling it on the edges.

In a phone call with The Huffington Post, Scalzi strongly defended the video as genuine.

"She saw the camera," he said. "She knew I was up to something. But otherwise, it was completely unscripted."

Scalzi has since disabled the YouTube comments because, as he said on Twitter, "YouTube commenters rank slightly below slime mold in terms of intelligence." He then quickly apologized to slime mold.

In any case, don't let this video make you feel old. As Scalzi so eloquently put it on his Twitter feed:

WATCH: Athena Vs. The LP at the top