Leggings And Yoga Pants Are Here To Stay, According To New Data

It is the death of denim?

Good news for those who prefer leggings over pants and Lulu over Levi's: the athleisure craze is here to stay. Wearing workout clothing in place of regular clothing isn't simply a trend, it's a mass movement, according to a study from Editd, a site that analyzes apparel metrics.

Some noteworthy stats from Editd show just how popular this clothing style has become:

  • There are now three times as many sneakers on the market as skinny jeans.
  • Yoga pant sales have grown 341 percent in the past three months.
  • New sports bra arrivals have grown by 96 percent in the past three months.

Athleisure first secured its lead in the market in 2014, when sales of leggings and yoga pants surpassed those of denim, which fell by 6 percent in the U.S. That's primarily because teens began buying more elastic-waistband pants, while women started wearing workout clothes to brunch, happy hour and even work.

"I wear workout clothes to university, out with friends and to and from the gym," Toronto resident Delia Xenophontos, 19, told The Huffington Post last year. "I wear workout clothes when I'm not working out because they look good, and they're comfortable."

The Editd study echoes Xenophontos, adding that "while we may not be exercising more," there has been "an increased adoption of comfortable and functional clothing."

Editd concludes its study by saying that athleisure looks like it's here to stay, and we can't help but agree. With everyone from Abercrombie & Fitch to Derek Lam designing workout clothing for everyday wear, we expect to see even more athleisure outside of the gym.

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