Athlete Presidential Endorsements: Obama Gets Michael Jordan, Romney Gets Alex Rodriguez

President Obama is hoping that you vote like Mike. Meanwhile, Governor Romney is hoping that you're taking your electoral cues from NFL icon John Elway.

Throughout Obama's and Romney's campaigns, both have tried and succeeded in gathering endorsements from the wide world of sports. Whether it's through social media or by actually getting involved with the campaigns, plenty of athletes have voiced their support for their preferred nominee.

Just like in 2008, the nominees even answered questions from ESPN's Chris Berman in a last-minute attempt to court sports fans. Those interviews were broadcast during halftime of "Monday Night Football" on the eve of the election.

According to "Only A Game," both Obama and Romney have support from the NFL while the President is way ahead with NBA players. Obama has been backed by Carmelo Anthony, Vince Carter and even Michael Jordan.

However, the quarterback of Obama's favorite NFL team is rooting for Romney. Bears QB Jay Cutler said on WMVP-AM 1000 radio that he was voting for the Republican nominee the day before the election.

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Athletes' Political Affiliations