Soccer Player Mistakenly Thanks His Wife AND Girlfriend On Live TV

The slip of the tongue left Mohammed Anas apologizing and expressing his love for his wife in the now viral video.

A Ghanaian soccer star may be in the doghouse after giving an awkward live TV interview where he mistakenly thanked his wife and girlfriend.

Mohammed Anas, who plays for South Africa’s Free State Stars, had just been named “man of the match” when he made the Freudian slip of the tongue during a post-game interview Friday night.

“Firstly I appreciate my fans,” Mohammed Anas began, “and my wife and my girlfriend.”

Within seconds of catching his mistake, he quickly backtracked with some nervous-sounding laughter.

“I mean my wife, sorry for saying, I’m so sorry, my wife,” he said. “I love you so much. I love you so much from my heart.”

The 22-year-old scored twice during the South African Premier Division game, the Telegraph reported. But his gaffe left internet users wondering what may have been going on off field.

Here’s hoping the “man of the game” is still “man of the house”?