Atlanta Braves Teach The World A Lesson In Respecting Lil B

Is it really so hard to bow down to The Based God?

Once you disrespect Lil B, aka The Based God, by stealing his official cooking dance, you are left with the choice: face his wrath, or own up to it.


Some people, like Houston Rockets star James Harden, simply deny that they know who Lil B is and cook up a lie about the dance originating elsewhere. This, of course, can lead to chaos, potential career destruction and, in worst-case scenarios, the dating of a Kardashian.

So how do you appropriately use the cooking dance without obtaining a curse from The Based God? By simply respecting The Based God. Is that so hard? Let the Atlanta Braves show you the way. Here is step one of a one-step process:

Adequately devoted. Properly respectful. Understandably Based God-fearing. It’s everything you need in a single tweet. As such, it received the proper response.

This has been your Tuesday Based God-related public service announcement.

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