'I’m In Atlanta For Rebirth': Meet The People Of The New South

What a peachy time.

Atlanta was stop six on HuffPost’s Listen to America road trip. It’s the capital of Georgia and a hub in the history of the civil rights movement. Some locals will tell you it’s “where the playas play.” Others will tell you this:

“My mother was born here. My father was born in Augusta. We’ve got a lot of family here.”

― Deborah Williams, 46, manager

“It has all the seasons. I know how to deal with heat a lot better than I know how to deal with cold.”

― Mamie Dayan Vogel, 29, strategizing at Home Depot

“The culture here is so diverse. ... It’s a good combination of Southern hospitality.”

― Joshua Guillory, 37, consultant

“I’m here to explore the culture of innovation and creativity.”

― Shana Mitchell, 33, marketer

“I’m in Atlanta for rebirth.”

― Courtney Cook, 35, serving others

“The culture, the people, the food, the great art.”

― Cederric Mixon, 27, UX designer

“I’m trying to move to Japan and that’s taking awhile.”

― Dru Bastedo, 27, translator



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