Four Reporters Captured In Libya

The Libyan military captured four reporters—including one working for The Atlantic magazine and one working for the GlobalPost website—on Tuesday, it was reported Thursday.

Clare Morgana Gillis, who works for The Atlantic, and James Foley, who works for GlobalPost, were captured at around 1 PM a few miles from the government-controlled city of Brega.

The other reporters were Manu Brabo, a Spanish photographer, and Anton Hammerl, a South African photographer.

The outlets learned of Gillis' capture on Thursday morning and are working with other organizations to secure the journalists' release.

The Libyan war has been extremely hazardous for journalists. Beyond the attacks they have been caught up in, many have been directly targeted. Four New York Times journalists were detained for six days. BBC journalists have been arrested and tortured, an Al Jazeera cameraman has been killed, and a journalist for The Guardian went missing. (He was eventually found.)

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