'Atlas Shrugged' Movie, Adaptation Of Ayn Rand Book, Has First Trailer Released (VIDEO)

'Atlas Shrugged' The Movie Releases First Trailer

Will theatergoers go Galt when this film comes out?

Published in 1957, "Atlas Shrugged" is Ayn Rand's final Objectivist manifesto, arguing that an individual has the moral imperative to do as much as possible to enrich his or her self. It features the story of John Galt, an industrialist that leads a movement of creative and business masters who flee as government becomes more and more obtrusive, hoping to show what happens when innovators are not free to do whatever they want.

Sound familiar? It's become a favorite of the libertarian and conservative movements, used to justify their free market beliefs, and has enjoyed a Tea Party and corporate-based resurgence in the past few years. Now, after nearly 20 years of pre-production turmoil, it's being made into a film.

Working on a low budget, the book will be split into a two part series. Directing and starring as Galt is Paul Johansson, while Taylor Schilling takes on Dagny Taggart, the railroad owner forced by the government to use a steel company she doesn't want to use for her trains.

Will the free market bring this film to the top? Regardless of politics, perhaps not, at least based on this first trailer. Watch and decide for yourself -- then comment below. "Atlas Shrugged" opens in theaters April 15th.

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