Atmosphere's 'Became' (VIDEO)

Atmosphere's 'Became' Is An Intricate Work Of Art

Atmosphere's most recent album The Family Sign is of a different breed. Released in 2011, the album takes on a darker, more introspective tone, less humorous and crass than their previous work. The newest music video for the song "Became," released Monday, is no different; playing on the rawness of a rap group obviously evolved.

The highly produced video beautifully illustrates "Became," a song that's more folklore than rap. Rapper Slug's methodic rhymes tell the tale of a forlorn trip into the woods, hinting at lycanthropy when his friend trails into the darkness, his footsteps joining those of a duo of wolves.

"Became"'s production was a collaborative effort involving the Minnesota School of Business, and the result is art at its best. Negative space, typography, stop motion, illustration, and grayscale with splashes of red reflect the song's sobriety and theme of becoming something else.

Watch Atmosphere's "Became":

Watch the behind-the-scenes making of "Became":

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