AT&T: Apple Exclusivity Deal Won't Last Forever

AT&T Exec: Apple Exclusivity Deal Will End Eventually

A recent survey of Consumer Reports readers found AT&T to be the "worst" mobile carrier in the United States. Incidentally, AT&T is also the exclusive U.S. carrier for the Apple iPhone--for now.

Amid rumors that the iPhone may be coming to Verizon's network, AT&T's CFO recently commented on exclusivity in what may be a hint that AT&T could be losing its grip on the iPhone.

"Exclusive arrangements end," AT&T CFO Richard Lindner said on Tuesday at the UBS Media and Communications Conference, Electronista reports.

Linder also said that AT&T has eye for other phones besides the iPhone.

These statements seem to validate persistent rumors that AT&T's exclusivity deal with Apple is winding down. Apple is believed to be considering Verizon, among other carriers, to join or replace AT&T at year's end.

According to speculation, Verizon could carry the iPhone by early 2011. By April of the same year, a next-generation iPad (unofficially dubbed "iPad 2") may also be available.

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