Attack of the Femmes Fatales: Defending Columbia's Butler Library

A columnist (Karley Sciortino) for Vogue reportedly approached an enrolled Columbia University student and a Barnard College student about doing a nudie video as art, inside Columbia University's hallowed Butler Library.

The short video was filmed in November and released to media, including HuffPost, a couple of days ago.

Take a look at another clandestine Butler Library video, but this one is real. Genuine. The brainchild of actual students, not rigged by a columnist from outside our ranks. This is what we are truly like in Butler. And Columbia students, including alumni, adore Butler. It's a beautiful, happy space. A treasure trove of books and great literature. A cool place to hang out and study. A place where girls feel free.

"Mighty Butler Library by Night"


(Image by Alison Winfield Burns -- BS and BA Columbia '05; YouTube "Flash Mob" video by an anonymous Columbia student)