Northern Arizona U To Monitor Attendance With Sensors

If Arizona is now a police state, Northern Arizona University is transitioning into a professor state.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the school is using $75,000 in federal stimulus funds to install a system that tracks student attendance by sensing their ID cards as they enter a room.

School officials say the system is in the best interests of the students and will increase engagement, but many students are decrying its big-brotheresque nature.

The Chronicle has more:

Rachel Brackett, a sophomore, started the Facebook group "NAU Against Proximity Cards," which has over 1,300 members.

Ms. Brackett says participation is more important in some classes than others, and students should be responsible for making their own decisions about attending lectures.

"Students should be able to choose to go to class, and if they fail, they have to live with those consequences," she says. "Part of growing up and becoming more mature is knowing you have to go to class."

What do you think? Does the system go too far?