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Attendant Sandwich Shop Opens In Former Men's Washroom In London (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Sandwich Shop Opens Inside Old Men's Room

Some say a restaurant's atmosphere is as important as the food it serves. If that's true, the opening of a sandwich shop in an abandoned Victorian men's washroom from the 1890s is curious, indeed.

Attendant, which opened in February under a busy street in central London, underwent a $150,640 (£100,000) renovation that preserved the washroom's original tile -- and the urinals, which have been rejiggered to hold a long bar table.

Partners Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russell told Vanity Fair that they got the idea for the men's room cafe while drinking nearby. They noticed a "For Let" sign on the former washroom's wrought iron entrance, and figured it'd be a great spot to serve breakfast items, sandwiches and coffee with "meticulously sourced" ingredients.

The concept, though a little weird, doesn't hold a candle to some other odd restaurants around the world, including one in Taiwan called Modern Toilet that serves dishes in miniature commodes.



Attendant, A Urinal-Turned-Sandwich Shop

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