Atten-Hut to the Details for Veterans!

Attention to detail is critical in the military. The ability to focus and provide the confidence that all details are taken care of is extremely important to the various missions that are performed both in combat and in day to day routines. This all starts in boot camp with keeping yourself, your uniform, your bunk and weapon inspection ready. Once being detail oriented is ingrained in your daily way of living it is hard to get it back out of your fibers. It becomes who you are and you take great pride in ensuring your life is inspection ready by paying attention to every detail. This is not the same experience most transitioning Veterans have when they leave the military. They find themselves amongst one or more individuals who don't have the same focus or attention to detail. This makes coexisting frustrating at best at times. The idea that others do not share this way of being and level of focus can created friction and undesirable situations.

"The difference between mediocrity and excellence is attention to detail" - Sebastian J. Barbarito

Being a member of the military is all about excellence. Being able to achieve excellence is what you are taught to strive for and obtain in all that you do. These are traits that you should never lose as they will serve you well in your life. As a transitioning Veteran there will need to be an adoption of understanding that differences will exist with those that are less detail oriented and the following may be the experience:

  • Others may not have concrete goals that they work towards and are more in the moment
  • The focus on being productive or efficient is not part of everyone's make up
  • May not have a true focus on what needs to be accomplished

Take these situations as a time to exert your leadership skills and guide those that are less detail oriented into becoming such. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Show by example the excellence that can be achieved
  • Highlight the benefits that are being achieved as a result
  • Make each opportunity a training moment through general conversation vice lecturing or teaching
  • Show a sign of understanding that it's not part of their being and that's ok
  • Divide tasks in a group based on strengths which would put detailed oriented tasks with those that are naturally drawn to them
  • Remember that most tasks in the civilian sector do not have the same life impact as those in the military

You will be seen as a go to person that has this area locked down and available to provide added value to situations that require this level of excellence. Use this to your advantage and run with it!

Landmark Life Coaching's Mission is to honorably and respectfully serve courageous groundbreakers and transitioning veterans to persevere in defining and executing their future by providing an atmosphere of comradery and trust that honors their dedication and commitment. This will empower our clients to feel whole, honored, respected and fulfilled in defining and living their life purpose.

Veterans Coach/Speaker/Writer