ATTENTION! ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! I have an important announcement.

Barring any imminent settlement of the WGA strike, the 2007 Golden
Globe Awards will be held at my apartment on the Westside of Manhattan
this year. I have cleared all of this with the Hollywood Foreign Press
Association. The HFPA makes only one simple request and that is that
you pre-order your meal selection NO LATER than Friday, January 4th,

The choices are as follows:

1) Tuna Salad, whitefish salad or egg salad (choice of one)

2) Ham, turkey, bologna, swiss cheese (choice of two)

3) Potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw (choice of two)

4) Pickles, relish, mustard, mayo, rye bread...all complimentary.

5) Beverages are as follows: Liter of red or white wine or 6 (six)
cold bottles of Amstel (promotional) complimentary.

All other cocktails will be cash bar. (Sprite, Coke,
Strawberry YooHoo and Diet Peach Snapple are complimentary)

Please e-mail your food order and e-mail your clip for the show to:

A quick Red Carpet, hosted by Radioman, will be held at the parking lot
of Tavern on the Green before we are all shuttled to my apartment
building. 'Round...5:30-ish? Sound okay?

Looking forward to seeing you all on January 13th at my place.

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