'AtTENTion': M.I.A. Emails New Song To Eager Fans

M.I.A. has somewhat unintentionally premiered a new song. M.I.A. emailed the song "atTENTion" to a fan after she was repeatedly asked for new material. "AtTENTion" was then leaked on YouTube.

"M.I.A. leaked the song cos a group of worldtowners (such as @The_Chutzpah, @The_Perplex @normacriley etc) spammed all day asking her to leak something AND since she's a great and generous person and very close to her fan - she emailed the song to @The_Perplex," reads the description on the video.

The capitalized "TENT" in the song's title is mirrored in the lyrics as M.I.A. rhymes "important" with "potent" with "consistent" with "blatant" with "patent," and so on.

It is not known whether this is a stand-alone track or a part of her upcoming album, "Matangi." The singer tweeted a picture in August of what appeared to be the track list for the album. While there is no song on the list titled "atTENTion," there is one called "TENTPLE" -- either an alternate title for "atTENTion" or an entirely different track. Originally slated for a December release, "Matangi" has been delayed and is now expected to debut in 2013. "Matangi" will be M.I.A.'s fourth studio album. Her last album, "/\/\ /\ Y /\" (or "Maya"), received mixed reviews.

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