Attention, Republican Voters: Register Democrat, Vote Sanders, Silence Trump

Attention, reasonable Republican voters: now is the time to serve your country.

Now is the time to step forward, and make a great sacrifice for our nation. We know that sometimes, we have to put the needs of this great land before the needs of our own.

What I am about to propose will not be easy; it will be painful and it may not even be recognized at the time, or ever, for the grand sacrifice in the name of the greater good that it will be. You will be derided, scorned and pilloried. But in the end, you will know in your heart that you have done the right thing.

I am, of course, talking about registering Democrat to vote in the primary for Bernie Sanders.

Now, not all states require that you change registration, but all will require that you not vote in the Republican primary once you vote in the Democratic one. The Republican field is a wasteland dominated by a narcissistic egomaniac with delusions of grandeur (of course, I mean Trump).

Trump is in the lead. Repeat: Trump is in the lead in the Republican field. Clinton as nominee would probably defeat him (but then, who knows); we all know how you feel about her. Sanders will demolish Trump like a wrecking ball gliding through Trump Tower.

We're all disgusted with politics as usual; but Trump is not the answer. You might not agree with all of Sanders' ideas; but you surely must agree with his assessments about what is so egregiously wrong (the reasons for which, of course, Trump personifies). And you know you can count on Sanders to be sincere, to be honest, and to do his damnedest, at all times, to help working families. Even Anne Coulter sees that.

So I know it'll be hard. But, for the good of the country: register Democrat; and vote Sanders.