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Attraction and Credit: The Power of Focus

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While listening to the radio the other day I happened to hear a talk on the law of attraction, a subject that interests me a great deal. It got me thinking about how the law of attraction can help with building healthy credit and personal finances. I'm blessed to know an expert in the law of attraction, Business Coach Lynne Goldberg, of New York, NY. I've asked her to chime in on this post and share her wisdom on how we can better attract peace and prosperity into our credit and personal financial lives. I've created the three steps below for you to take right away to begin attracting healthy credit to your financial life.

1. Shine a light.

As a child or with your small children, did you ever shine a flashlight into the closet or under the bed to check for monsters? Magically, those monsters always disappeared when hit with a beam of light. The same is true for your credit monsters. Many people I talk to are so afraid of what their credit score might be or are afraid of how awful their credit report may look that they never check it and instead sweep those worries under the rug, grit their teeth and carry on.

The first step to attracting more power and peace over your finances is to shed light in all the dark corners, starting with pulling your credit report at Secondly, open all of those old bills that you stuffed in a dark drawer. I can just about guarantee it won't be as bad as your mind has built it up to be.

2. Replace fear and worry with faith.

So often I hear my clients talk about what they worry about or are afraid of regarding their credit. Anytime negative words like 'fear' and 'worry' occupy your mind or mouth they are creating additional or unwanted negativity and darkness. Once you have made the choice to turn around your credit situation, you need to practice rehabilitating your thoughts and your words surrounding your credit and finances. One of the easiest ways to begin is to decide from this day forward to replace the words 'fear' and 'worry' with the word 'faith'. For example, 'I fear my credit score is going to take forever to improve to a point I could qualify to buy a home,' is replaced by 'I have faith my credit score is going to improve to a point I can qualify to buy a home.' In speaking those two sentences you can just feel the different vibes they create.

LG: "As often as you can, replace anything you may be saying to yourself that isn't likely to attract what you want, such as 'I'm poor' or 'I'm broke'! If you keep repeating that how can you create abundance? It defies this concept of law of attraction, which is simply attracting whatever you are focusing on. Whether or not we want or we don't want what we are thinking about, we will attract more according to this ancient law. "

3. Focus on steps to improve.

Perhaps one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your credit and financial health is to focus on it; and not every aspect all at once, but just one little goal at a time. I promise you that when you turn your full attention to that one goal, you will achieve it much quicker and with more success than you ever thought possible. I have seen this happen in my life and in the lives of my clients. Some goals my clients have focused on and been insanely successful with have included: paying down credit card debt, improving their credit score, and paying off old debts. Yes, these are all worthy goals but you will increase your effectiveness if you focus on one at a time, then move on to the next one.

Now, armed with how you can harness the power of attraction to improve your credit, you can begin to put together a plan to improve your credit and by making little bits of progress each day you will soon feel the freedom of having healthy credit and be on your way to making all of your financial dreams come true.

LG: "Remember, if you focus on what it is you do want to attract financially and take those steps to achieve those goals, just watch what happens."

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