Attributes Of The Prosperous

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Did you get your copy of the book, "How to Get Rich in 7 Days While Watching TV?" How about the new lotion that reduces body size? I hope not. It's striking to consider all the gimmicks, schemes and shenanigans swindlers use to siphon the unwary consumer out of their hard earned pay.

Everybody wants to be a bazillionaire. But the deceptive approach rarely pays off. Neither do the fool-hearty plans, hot tips and "once in a lifetime" business opportunities provided by a neighbor's brother in law at the cookout. So what does create the fortunes of the well to do? Is it luck, brains, a secret memo missed by the majority of the population? Let's observe four common characteristics of the truly prosperous.

Integrity. Of all the attributes of the hard working yet affluent, the most common is a high degree of integrity. Oh sure there are dishonest people who have scammed their way to the top but, among business owners, honestly is a must. In his Daily Wealth article "Honesty Is The Only Way To Make Real Money," James Altucher explains that to grow a sizable company takes decades. It's an accomplishment that cannot be obtained without the full faith of the returning people it serves. "Be dishonest once and all those seeds will be washed away..."

Generosity Successful entrepreneurs go out of their way to make sure their patron receives a value that far exceeds the price paid, giving until it hurts then giving some more. They seem to understand the secret of the rocket ship which exerts most of its energy on take off then shoots through space effortlessly once it escapes the drag of gravity. A customer who is lavishly swayed early in the process returns eagerly and voluntarily again and again.

Concern. This segment of the population cares about the well being of those they serve and would rather be ripped off than leave someone short changed.They follow up, send thank you cards and ask how you are feeling since the surgery. Your mom and pop hardware owner, your insurance guy and plumber might be doing tons of business with no customers at all. Just friends. Thousands and thousands of friends.

Courage Are there plenty of less fortunate folks who display the same attributes? Absolutely. But the successful took a chance. They mortgaged their home, forfeited their vacations and sacrificed their time to buy a warehouse full off wholesale gizmos with no guarantee they would sell. They believed in a dream when everyone said it wouldn't come to pass and when it seemed that everyone was right.

These mysterious winners have learned to solve real problems with real solutions and tend to have longevity in a particular field. More than anything, they communicate a message that, while nonverbal, screams louder than the car commercial that promises to slash prices while the manager is out of town. It's a message that says, "We care more about you than your money." And they never hock a candy bar that promises to make you smarter.

If there is a lesson to be learned, it might be that chasing the dollar is like trying to catch a butterfly barehanded. Who knew currency could make itself wings and fly away? Instead pursue prudence, knowledge, skill, kindness and integrity. And take the calculated risk. Money will find it's way to you.