AU Students Gearing up for Run to the White House

By, Jake Foote

While most students on campus are too young to run for president, it is a tradition to run to the front of The White House to celebrate or protest when election results are released.

Being located in the nation's capital, students at American are some of the most politically involved in the country. A litany of different issues has motivated this student body to go to the polls.

Taxation, immigration, foreign policy and LGBTQ rights are some of the salient issues for students this time around.

"I do not think that the government should be able to levy any flat taxes," says AU student Tim Lund. "I took a class in the history of poverty so I am interested in making sure that our tax system is proportional."

In addition to focusing on one or several individual issues, many students voiced that they felt the need to vote against a potential candidate that would degrade longstanding American institutions or the United States' relationship with foreign nations.

In order to combat this feeling, several students took interest in local voting, either in D.C. or through absentee balloting.

"Because there has been so much distaste for both candidates, there has been more impetus to down-ballot vote," said American student Kendall Baron.

"I think regardless AU is going to have a very visceral reaction, there's a lot of people on the extremes," said Baron.

Either way the election goes, American University students will be running to The White House to voice their happiness or otherwise.