Real Joe Biden Goofs On 'SNL' Monologue That Aubrey Plaza Is More Popular Than He Is

He's just glad she got out of "The White Lotus" alive!

President Joe Biden turned up via video during actor Aubrey Plaza’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue to quip that, yes, she’s more popular than he is in their home state of Delaware.

Plaza, milking a bit her cynical, superior character Harper from “The White Lotus” boasted to the audience she was from Delaware and “was actually voted the most famous person” from the state, even edging out Biden.

“That’s a fact, and he was pissed; he was livid,” she insisted.

That’s when the president popped up on video. “Aubrey, you’re the most famous person out of Delaware, and there’s no question about that,” he smiled. “We’re just grateful you made it out of ‘The White Lotus’ alive.”

It was Plaza’s first time hosting the show, but not her first time spending days around a “Saturday Night Live” crew. Though she blew an audition to become an “SNL” cast member, she worked as an NBC Studio page.

She got to know the “SNL” set design team and noted that they “win Emmys, they win Tonys, and they’re some of the sickest perverts I’ve ever met — and I’m a freak.”

When she offered a crazy tour backstage — like the kind she claims she gave as a page — she had a happy reunion with former “SNL” cast member Amy Poehler, star of “Parks and Recreation,” on which Plaza used to play apathetic bureaucrat April Ludgate.

The audience went wild.

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