Aubrey Plaza Reveals Why She Lied And Lied And Lied As An NBC Page

The "Parks and Recreation" actor also shared how the job helped her land her first TV credit on "30 Rock."

Actor Aubrey Plaza has revealed one of the lies she frequently peddled while working at Rockefeller Center.

The “Parks And Recreation” actor told podcast host Conan O’Brien about how she earned her first television credit on “30 Rock” because she kept her NBC page uniform and knew the “spiel” about O’Brien’s show.

O’Brien recalled overhearing an NBC tour where a page told a false story about an aspect of his show’s set. And Plaza admitted it was a game the pages played with each other, where they tried to incorporate certain words into “believable” stories on their tours.

“The words were always insane, maybe it was like ‘penguin’ or whatever and then you’d be like, ‘And this studio is cold because 10 years ago they had penguins on the show...’” Plaza said.

Watch more of Plaza’s conversation with O’Brien below or click here to listen to Plaza’s full appearance on “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend.”

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