Aubrey Plaza Attempted Jennifer Lopez's 'Hustlers' Pole Dance And It Was Something

Urged on by Ellen DeGeneres, Plaza tried her best to channel the stripper played by Lopez.

Take it from Aubrey Plaza: Pole-dancing is not for the faint of heart.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, Plaza shared a few details about her forthcoming gig as host of the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards. Jennifer Lopez, who scored a Best Supporting Female nomination for “Hustlers,” is one of the many stars she’s looking forward to seeing.

To Plaza’s chagrin, DeGeneres suggested the “Parks and Recreation” actor pay tribute to Lopez’s “Hustlers” performance by demonstrating a few stripper pole moves. The result was, well, really something.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem that Plaza harbors any hard feelings toward DeGeneres.

“I actually don’t mind being humiliated,” she said. “If I can humiliate myself, then I sacrifice myself for the viewers, for the good of mankind.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Plaza opened up about how to slide into Joe Jonas’ DMs on Instagram in order to score tickets for a Jonas Brothers concert in Las Vegas. The star said she and her sister, Renee, were ushered backstage after the concert, where they became part of the brothers’ entourage for one night, even if things didn’t go exactly to plan.

No doubt more hijinks will ensue when Plaza hosts the Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 8 in Los Angeles.

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