Aubrey Plaza Spent Some Quality Time Smoking Pot With The Weed Nuns

Somehow, the topic of nun porn also made an appearance.

Aubrey Plaza plays a foul-mouthed Medieval nun in her new film “The Little Hours,” so it’s only natural that the actress recently spent some time with the unconventional Weed Nuns.

Plaza spent close to an hour smoking pot with Sister Kate and Sister Evie, and the whole thing was captured by WatchCut in video uploaded on Wednesday. 

The self-described Weed Nuns belong to California’s Sisters of the Valley, whose mission is to empower women and heal with cannabis products.  

Plaza asked the nuns several questions about what they do, including why they decided to become nuns and what vows they’ve taken. The nuns also gave Plaza some weed from their own stash and showed the actress how to properly cut a cannabis bud. 

In the end, Sister Kate gave her review of Plaza’s new movie “The Little Hours.”

“I was really all set to hate that movie and I ended up really liking it,” she said. When Plaza asked why she felt that way, the nun responded that the trailer she saw was filled with “trashy” moments. But once she saw the full film she found it to be “a delightful story.” 

″[The movie is] raunchy, but the Catholic League said ‘raunchiest’,” Sister Kate continued. “No, it’s not the raunchiest. You haven’t watched any nun porn movies.”

“You’ve seen nun porn movies?,” someone asks from behind the camera. 

“Yes, I can’t believe I said that,” Sister Kate responds, while laughing. 

Watch Plaza and the Weed Nuns get high in the video above.