Proud Dad Says His 6-Month-Old Is The World's Youngest Water Skier

He started training in the living room, and now he's out on the water.

Most 6-month-old babies are only beginning to think about solid foods — this one is on water skis.

With his mom by his side, Auburn Absher glides on a custom training ski through the waters of North Carolina’s Falls Lake.

The ride makes Auburn, who in the video is 6 months and 10 days old, the world’s youngest water skier, according to his father.

“Auburn was also born 8 weeks early at 32 weeks which makes it even more impressive,” Rob Absher wrote on the YouTube posted September 4.

Ashber has a tight grip on his board.
Ashber has a tight grip on his board.

In May, a Florida couple claimed that their daughter, Zyla St. Onge, was the record holder for the world’s youngest water skier. She was 6 months, 27 days old at the time. 

A spokeswoman for the Guinness Book of World Records said that they “do not monitor a record category for youngest water skier.”

While some viewers are impressed with Auburn’s affinity for the water, others aren’t so pleased with his parents.

We didn’t push this on him at all,” his father, an experienced wakeboarder, told Inside Edition. “If he was upset or didn’t want to actually do it, we wouldn’t have even tried it. If you watch all the videos, he’s actually having fun.”

Children as young as one year old can safely take swim lessons, the American Association of Pediatrics told the Washington Post in 2014.

Rob says that Auburn, who wears a little life vest in the video, practiced his skills in the family’s living room and on the lawn before taking his ride on the water.