Auctions 2012: The 10 Weirdest And Rarest Items That Went On The Bidding Block This Year (PHOTOS)

The 10 Weirdest, Rarest Auction Items Of 2012

We've already given you the year's most expensive artworks to hit the bidding block in 2012. Taken together, the collection of 25 paintings, drawings and sculptures totaled nearly $1 billion dollars at auctions across the world. What's more shocking than a slideshow of the sticker prices of pricey masterpieces, you ask? The weirdest and rarest auction objects that went up for sale in the same year.

Last year might have seen the auctioning off of John Lennon's tooth, but 2012 did not disappoint in the department of weird either. From Elvis Presley's dirty underwear to Charles Schulz's extramarital love letters, the year had its fair share of auction oddities. So we've put together a slideshow of the strangest and most unusual items that graced the bidding blocks of Sotheby's, Bonham's, eBay and more. Scroll through the list below and let us know which objects you'd bid for in the comments section.

Elvis Presley's Stained Underwear

The Weirdest Items at Auction in 2012

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