Audacious Barack Obama

The president has a lot of nerve to actually run the country while the GOP harms millions of people shutting down the U.S. government. The reality is that the press is not helping by paying far too much attention to the ilk of Senator Ted Cruz; rather than the brilliance of President Barack Obama and his team that together are systematically changing the world making it a better place for generations to come. Former President Bill Clinton in his interview last week with Piers Morgan framed it well. He understands that this team of gladiators (Kerry, Biden and Hagel) with no tribute to television's Scandal, is being orchestrated by Obama. Further, he gets that they are together skillfully working with the adults of the world stage to resolve monumental conflicts while alas the GOP continues their campaign of distraction.

Progressive and liberal pals; this is the same Barack Obama that we fell in love with in 2008. Yes he is, and please don't shake your heads. He has not changed, not now or ever, and his record speaks loudly. Remember, he got us out of W's war in Iraq, is systematically scaling down Afghanistan while dealing with the irrational bunch in the House of Representatives. Frankly, this president is a Machiavellian chess player, wickedly smart, and far ahead of us all on the chess board, or even the basketball court. Who would have thought that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, would in fact proudly carry the water to destroy Syria's chemical weapons? No one would have or could have expected this -- especially not with the mainstream media portraying Obama as the "cowardly lion" from the Wizard of Oz.

Read my lips, the Putin maneuver did not happen by the "accidental" words of the Secretary of State John Kerry, or anyone else regardless of the 60 Minute television coverage. Everyone played out the role they were best suited for to rein in Syria from Secretary of State Kerry, Secretary of Defense Hagel to the UN and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. If you watched the chess board carefully, our president's moves were remarkably surgical, yet brilliant. Putin's public persona of the tough guy was fully leveraged to his delight, the biddies at the UN had time to chime in, and unnecessary military actions were avoided to rid the world of chemical weapons. And maybe now that Syria is getting traction with Putin leading the charge, maybe Obama can begin to architect the plan for Iran and their nukes. Who knows, he might even figure out global nuclear disarmament and peace in the Middle East in his spare time -- all amidst the chaos of the GOP erupting into civil war and forcing a shutdown the U.S. government.