Audience Attraction for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered how some people online just happen across raving fans, trustworthy tribe members, fantastic followers, and loyal listeners? Well, I can tell you one thing -- they didn't happen across them. So, how do you attract your target audience to you, after all, those are where all of the descriptive terms for amazing audience members comes from, right?! I've got a few key strategies here to get you where you need to be to find and fall in love with, your following!

1. Define your target audience. This is a huge part of finding them, defining them. Figure out WHO you want to help and WHY. You need to ask yourself some tough questions when it comes to defining your target audience. Why do you want to work with them? How can you actually help them? What makes you qualified to help them? These tough questions help you eliminate those not fit for you and highlight those who are exactly who you need to find!

2. Find out where your target audience hangs out. This is equally as important as figuring out who you're focusing on because if you don't know where your target audience is hanging out, how oh how, can you get your message in front of the right people?! As a business coach focusing on building businesses online, I focus my efforts on social media, in fact I get 99% of my business from Facebook alone. I am a member of multiple communities/groups focused on female entrepreneurs. I do a few things here! I network with women in my same place in business, get tons of advice from those ahead of me AND of course, connect with those who would potentially work with me!

3. Introduce yourself!
Okay, so you've found your target audience and you've got them right where you want them! Well, how do they know who you are unless you introduce yourself? Create an amazing ice breaker post in 3-5 sentences tell them who you are, what you do, and who you help! This breaks the ice and opens you up for the beginning of inquisition. Curious minds want to know how you can help them, which leads me to my next step.

4. Interact! Well, now you've got to interact, love! Here's some great insight on how to do this strategically because as entrepreneurs we want to experience what I call "the two F's" FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY! We all want a schedule we aren't attached to, a life we can live and love, and a business that fits right into all of that, so we don't have tons of time to dedicate to building relationships 24/7 - so spend an hour a day MAX -- go into these groups and spend 10-15 minutes about 5 times a day plugging in search terms in the search box for the group -- for example -- I would search for branding, visibility, content, etc - do this and it will bring up threads your target audience is in most likely! Jump in on the conversation, ADD VALUE, and show your stuff! You are now well on your way to cementing yourself as a expert in your field!

5. SHOW UP, OVER AND OVER AGAIN! At the end of the day, CONSISTENCY IS KEY! You've got to show up, time and time again. I tend to sit down on Sundays and take an hour or 2 planning my topics for the week, what I will talk about, where I will hang out, and so on and so forth. This eliminates the preparation and total thought process in doing in daily. I use Evernote to plan this out and LOVE it!

5 Steps - Massive Results! Don't just connect, loves - CONQUER!