Audience Member Pulls Greedy Move On 'Late Late Show' Trivia Game

The man made a decision that shocked even host James Corden.

That took chutzpah.

In a trivia game to win $1,500 for his row, one audience member on “The Late Late Show” chose a less magnanimous option on Thursday.

The game of “Know For Your Row” had undergone several rounds of mostly softball questions from host James Corden about movies, rock stars and other subjects.

The basic rule is that when someone in a row answers incorrectly, the line of questioning moves up another row.

The final question landed on a young man named David who seemed primed to win $100 for him and the others in his row for a total of $1,500.

Until Corden made him a proposition: He could forsake his row entirely and win $750 just for himself if he answered the question.

“Let’s be honest, I’m probably never going to see these people again ― 750,” David said.

The decision elicited open-mouthed surprise from Corden, and folks in his row were not pleased. But David ignored the possible karmic implications and tackled a query about what the H and O stand for in H20.

By all means, play along from the beginning in the clip above, or you can cut to the game-changing moment at the 10:40 mark.