Audrey Hepburn Pulls Off An Outrageous Hat In 'My Fair Lady' (PHOTO)

"My Fair Lady" is an iconic Broadway production that set the record for one of the longest running shows in musical theater history. The story, which tells the tale of a wealthy professor trying to transform an "unrefined" girl into a lady, has become a classic around the world (and even had industry heavy-hitters like Audrey Hepburn taking part in the saga).

57 years ago today (on Mar.15), "My Fair Lady" opened at the Mark Hellinger Theater in New York City for the first of for 2,715 performances. In celebration of this important day, we are taking a look back at a photo of Audrey Hepburn in the film adaption of the musical. Here, she is pictured wearing an elaborate feathered hat and a ruffled dress. Although these items could easily look outrageous on any other actress, Hepburn possesses a certain presence that allows her to pull them off -- Nicole Kidman may want to take note, as she had a less successful attempt at a similar look only weeks ago.

audrey hepburn photo

Getty Images/Archive Photos/Stringer

Check out our Audrey Hepburn inspired makeover below:

Audrey Hepburn Makeover

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