Audrey Hepburn Style: A Look Back At The Icon's Best Expressions (PHOTOS, GIFs)

Audrey Hepburn once said,"I know I have more sex appeal on the tip of my nose than many women in their entire bodies." We have to say we agree -- Audrey could convey more in a look than most of us can in a lifetime.

We learned more from Audrey than just pixie haircuts and little black dresses, though. Hepburn's timeless chic taught us to speak volumes in a single look. May 4th would have been Audrey's 84th birthday, so we revisited the actress' most iconic moments in her honor. Between production stills and GIFs, we examined every smile, every blink, every tear, every yawn, every kiss, every funny face... And we're even more in love with Audrey now than we ever were before.

There's no denying that Hepburn's glamour was more than skin deep. Flip through the GIFs and slideshow below. Which of Audrey's style moments is your favorite?

And now, a more traditional look back:

Audrey Hepburn's Style

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