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Audrey Landers And Sister Judy's Style Over The Years (PHOTOS)

Audrey Landers, who is best known for roles on the long-running soap opera series "Dallas" and film adaption of "A Chorus Line," has talented family ties. In addition to starring alongside her sister Judy on episodes of "The Love Boat" and appearing on the cover of Playboy in January 1983, Landers' son Daniel is a performer who competed on Europe's TV music competition "X Factor."

And throughout all of these experiences, Landers has managed to wear some of the wackiest get-ups imaginable, from the stage to the red carpet. To celebrate Audrey's 56th birthday on July 18th, take a peek at the photos in our gallery below to see how she's changed over the years. Which look do you like best?

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Audrey Landers (PHOTOS)