Aunt Flo Makes All The Visits You Never Asked For In Adorable Video

She’s the worst guest, until she stops visiting.

A visit from Aunt Flo can be a huge inconvenience or a huge relief -- it all depends on your situation.

A new video from women's health site HelloFlo captures a day in the life of a fictional Aunt Flo to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly of having your period. HelloFlo is known for its adorably cheeky videos and this recent one is no exception.

The video shows Aunt Flo visiting women of all ages, whether it's "showing up late" to a relieved young couple or saying goodbye to an older woman going through menopause. “Some people call me a gift, some people call me a curse," Aunt Flo says in the video. "But I like to think of myself as a miracle.”

During one of her first stops of the day, Aunt Flo visits a young girl excited to finally get her period. Unfortunately, Flo has to break it to the young girl that she's actually there for her older sister.

Later in her busy day, Aunt Flo visits an older woman going through menopause. Flo packs up her things and says goodbye to a long (sometimes painful) friendship.

And, of course, Aunt Flo's last stop is to an unsuspecting couple. Thanks for always being there to ruin the mood, Flo.

Head over to HelloFlo to learn more about the women's health website.

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