Aura Friedman, Celebrity Hair Colorist And Blogger, Talks About Showering With Lady Gaga

Blogger Aura Friedman: I Took A Shower With Lady Gaga

We are pleased to introduce Stylelist Blogger Network member and celebrity hair colorist, Aura Friedman of Color Makes All The Difference. Not only has Friedman worked with Lady Gaga and M.I.A., but she was just honored with a Genius Award by Elle Magazine.

Are there any differences between your celebrity clients and your everyday appointments?
Honestly, I'm really lucky to work with all types of inspiring people, and that includes some celebrities. I do sometimes do special things for stars -– I flew to Kentucky for one day to color Jennifer Lawrence's hair. She had such a busy schedule while promoting "Hunger Games," and there was no other way to connect.

And you've colored Lady Gaga's hair. Tell us about that experience.
The first time I worked with Gaga it was so surreal. It was the day before the 2009 Video Music Awards and everyone on her staff was debating if the pink would clash with the blood. I had no idea what they were talking about! Also, I had to get into the shower with her and wash her hair. We were both in our swimsuits (I also had my apron on!) and everyone's weighing in on which pieces to color.

What's the best part about doing your job?
I truly love making women feel beautiful and confident. When you're done coloring and the client is happy with the end result, it's instant gratification.

What's the best thing a woman can do to keep her hair looking healthy?
I'm a strong believer in not washing your hair too often. This lets the natural oils work their magic. I also suggest a cool rinse after you wash with shampoo -- this is great because it closes the cuticle and gives the hair shine.

Can you explain the title of your blog?
"Color Makes All The Difference" refers to how important color -- hair color in particular -- is to a woman. Hair color is often an afterthought, even after the manicure. Many don't realize that hair color can enhance bone structure, eye color and skin tone.

What is your beauty routine?
I indulge in a spa visit every once in a while. When I am there, I sit in the sauna with a cleansing mask, a firming mask and a moisturizing mask.

Any tips for aspiring bloggers?
As long as you are inspiring yourself, you will continue to inspire others.

Do you read any other blogs?
I follow fellow Stylelist Network blogs like Love Is The New Black and Having It All.

What are your interests aside from blogging?
I like to go out and enjoy a great meal with friends. Discovering interesting flims on Netflix is also on the top of my list. I'm also constantly looking at pictures on Instagram, in magazines and in art books. Additionally, reading and cooking.

Take a peek at the slideshow below for some of Aura's most colorful hair clients:

Jewelry Designer Jules Kim, Musician SantiGold and Aura

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