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This Affordable Meditation App Is Designed For Busy People

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An affordable meditation app for busy people.
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An affordable meditation app for busy people.

Modern life is exhausting. Between strict deadlines at work and keeping your personal life on track, you might be dealing with severe stress on the daily. Your mental health can really take a beating if you don’t take the time to step back and practice self-care.

Spending a lot of time on screens can certainly be a source of stress in itself. But there are ways to practice self-care that involve your smartphone, like the Aura Meditation app, which helps relieve stress and anxiety in just a few spare minutes throughout the day.

Aura Meditation uses AI to help you meditate in a way that works specifically for you. Just open the app, put your headphones in and select from a variety of soothing sounds — like flowing water, uplifting classical music or spoken prompts to guide you through your meditation journey. Sessions last 3, 7, or 10 minutes, so you can easily unwind while you’re stuck in traffic, in line at the store or on your lunch break.

Along with meditations, the app also offers life-coaching sessions, inspirational stories, daily reminders for mindful breathers and even ways to track your mood and learn about your mood patterns. It’s no wonder Aura has earned a nearly five-star rating on the App Store out of more than 16,000 reviews and was voted “Best of 2017” by Apple.

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