Watch Weightlifter Celebrate Olympic Bronze With An Epic Backflip

Good job, Aurimas Didzbalis!

How would Aurimas Didzbalis have reacted if he’d won Olympic gold?!?

The Lithuanian weightlifter pulled off a stunning backflip after scooping up a bronze medal in the men’s 94kg competition at Rio 2016.

Video shows him somersaulting backwards into the air, before landing perfectly on his feet and tensing his biceps in absolute delight.

I only do them when I win a medal,” he said of the backflip during a press conference afterward. “If I had finished fourth, you wouldn’t have seen it.”

The 25-year-old, who missed the London 2012 Olympics because he was serving a two-year ban for doping, lifted 392 kg (around 864 pounds) to take third place.

Iran’s Sohrab Moradi won gold, Belarus’ Vadzim Straitsou took silver, and Team USA’s Kendrick Farris finished 11th.

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