Aurora Snow Reveals The Truth Behind Porn's Broken Penis Legend

The True Story Behind A Porn Star's Broken Penis

Bodies intertwined, limbs in the air, rough pounding and vulnerable appendages. That's great sex in a porn flick.

For the rest of us, it's the recipe for disaster, even a trip to the hospital.

While the pros make a variety of difficult positions seem simple, the stark reality of these professional performances is far less pretty.

"In fact, it's so much more complicated than that. You have to contort your body in all sorts of ways," former porn star Aurora Snow told HuffPost Live.

"In a way it's a lot like doing stunts... and there are injuries on set," said Snow, who's also a contributing writer to the Daily Beast.

Snow tells HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri injuries do occur and more often than we might think. While she doesn't name the victim outright, it was reported last month porn star Prince Yahshua broke his male appendage on set while filming a reverse cowgirl position scene-- not once, but twice.

According to Snow, the female partner was coming down on the male performer way too hard and broke his penis.

"It missed the entry point, let's say. It bent, and there was just blood gushing all over." Snow told Camilleri.

This was our reaction:

Luckily, Prince's manhood could be salvaged and after some reconstructive surgery he has developed some scar tissue, according to the Urban Daily.

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